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About Risk & Insurance

Managing risk is a crucial aspect of any business or individual's financial strategy. At LIAISON GROUP, we offer comprehensive risk management solutions, including insurance consultancy and risk assessment services. Our experienced team works closely with clients to identify potential risks, develop tailored insurance programs, and ensure proper coverage that aligns with their specific needs.

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About Healthcare

We understand the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare services. Our healthcare administration division focuses on providing innovative solutions to organizations and individuals, ensuring efficient healthcare management, cost containment, and quality service delivery. With our expertise in healthcare insurance in Kenya, we help clients optimize their healthcare benefits packages while enhancing employee satisfaction and well-being.

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About Pension

Planning for retirement is a critical aspect of financial security. At LIAISON GROUP, we offer comprehensive pensions administration services, assisting both employers and employees in managing retirement schemes in Kenya. Our team of pension experts handles everything from scheme design and implementation to record-keeping, member communication, and regulatory compliance, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders.

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About Investment

Making informed investment decisions is key to achieving long-term financial goals. Our investments advisory division provides expert guidance and personalized strategies to help clients navigate the complex financial landscape. We offer a range of services, including investment portfolio analysis, asset allocation, risk management, and access to diverse investment opportunities across various asset classes.

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Liaison Group Tanzania – Impact for Good

Founded in 2003, Liaison Group Tanzania is an independent non-banking financial organization that has been at the forefront of Risk & Insurance, Healthcare, Pensions and Investments consultancy.

Through a comprehensive suite of service offerings, Liaison Group is wholly and exclusively engaged in supporting its clients in building and maintaining robust risk management and internal control structures.

The value we create is driven through by the personal determination of our highly motivated and skilled staff in Africa. At Liaison Group Tanzania we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service built on expertise, responsiveness to clients’ needs and credibility in our business.

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